3 Replies to “Performances”

  1. Mark, you are an inspiration to us all! I have a 14 year old friend who plays guitar & wants to meet & hear your music. We’re thinking of going to tonight’s Athensum (sp?) performance but would rather see you busking. Plus wet could give you all the $100 that will cost for all 5 of us to go there. Thoughts on how that might be able to happen?

  2. May be interested in having you come to our wedding out in Malibu on 7/4 and play our ceremony music! My fiance has seen you at Balboa park before and you played RHCP’s soul to squeeze for him – he loved it! I plan on walking down the aisle to RHCP’s Hard to Concenteate – is that something you can play on guitar? Would want the song to be played softly for ceremony

  3. You rock! Played guitar, mandolin and bass for about 40 years and the enthusiasm is unmatched. I had a stroke two years ago and am still recovering slowly but have never given up the dream of being a musician/entertainer. I hope our paths cross sometime. I have a friend in SD Is there some place he can see you play?

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