Mark Goffeney in the San Diego Reader


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Mark can play the harmonica thanks to his Harpgoose by Harparm
Mark Goffeney plays the guitar with his his feet, and the harmonica with his Harpgoose.

“As a musician I am always looking to “Up my game”
I couldn’t be more excited than I am to add Harmonica to my sound.
When done right, (Aerosmith, Mana, Led Zepplin & many more) That haunting sound literally gives me  Goose bumps!

The HarpArm  company makes it possible for me to give you those same “Goosebumps” with their newest product called the Harpgoose.
Around the neck harp holders snag my hair,
come loose and generally frustrate me.

Expand your sound with the liberating musical products available at.

Mark Goffeney playing his Harparm.